Resona Group App Overseas Remittance Service

1.Product name

Resona Group App overseas remittance service

2.Eligible banks

Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Kansai Mirai Bank

3.Eligible customers

Available only to users who satisfy all of the following conditions:

  1. (1)Individual customers using the Resona Group App (not including sole proprietors, nonresidents, Resona Bank Alpha Branch, Beta Branch customers, Kansai Mirai Bank Icho Namiki Branch customers)
  2. (2)Customers of the age of adulthood or older at the time of applying for the service agreement
  3. (3)Customers who have satisfied the Bank's specified screening criteria

4.How to apply

Apply from the Resona Group App

5.Hours available

Available 24 hours/day (may be down at times for maintenance)

6.Content of service

Use this service to transfer funds in Japanese yen to a recipient overseas to be received in your designated currency or in Japanese yen.

7.Purposes of transfer

Transfers may be made for the following purposes only:

(i) Transfers to an account in your own name (ii) Transfers to your home or family (iii) School expenses (admission fees, tuition) (iv) Savings, Asset management, Insurance costs (v) Travel expenses (vi) Medical expenses (vii) Donations

*May not be used to pay for product purchases or for commercial purposes.

*May not be used for transfers that must be confirmed by the bank, such as those requiring prior permission, approval, notification, registration, etc. under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.

*We cannot handle remittances for the acquisition of crypto assets, virtual currencies, etc., including for asset management purposes.

8.Transfer amount/frequency limits

  1. (1)Monthly (from the first day to the last day of every month): 1 million yen (up to nine times/month)
  2. (2)Annually (January 1 to December 31 each year): 3 million yen

*Denominations smaller than the standard monetary unit cannot be processed.

9.Recipient countries

Available only for transfers to countries and regions specified by the Bank.

The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan, China*, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Philippines, France, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mexico

*Transfers to three provinces in northeastern China (Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang) cannot be handled.


Available only in the currencies specified by the Bank.

USD (U.S. Dollar), EUR (Euro), GBP (British Pound), AUD (Australian Dollar), NZD (New Zealand Dollar), JPY (Japanese Yen), CHF(Swiss Franc), CAD(Canadian Dollar), HKD(Hong Kong Dollar), SGD(Singapore Dollar), DKK(Danish Krone), SEK(Swedish Krona), THB(Thai Baht), PHP(Philippine Peso), KRW(South Korean Won), MXN(Mexican Peso), VND(Vietnamese Dong)

11.Exchange rates

Currencies will be converted using the service exclusive exchange rates.

Rates may differ from those available at Bank branches.


Applicable fees:

  1. (1)Transfer fee: 2,000 yen/transfer
  2. (2)Lifting charge (only for transfers in JPY): 3,500 yen/transfer

*The recipient must bear any fees charged by relaying or recipient banks.

13.Transfer methods

(1) You can use the service after first registering the Bank's specified customer (transferor) information.
In principle, advance registration will be complete by the following business day. We will notify you of the result through the "Notifications for You" in the Resona Group App. When returning, please correct the contents and reapply.
*Advance registration is required only the first time you use the service. However, registration must be changed if your name or address changes.

(2) Once the registration of (1) above is completed, you will be able to enter the details of the request from Overseas Remittance Menu".

(3) Enter the transfer request details (e.g., beneficiary, beneficiary information) and transmit the transfer data.

(4) When the transfer request is completed, the total of the yen amount converted to the transfer currency at the foreign exchange rate displayed and the specified fees will be debited from the Japanese yen account registered.

(5) In principle, a request completed by 3:00 p.m. on a banking day will be transferred on the following banking day (in the case of Thai Baht and South Korean Won, the second following banking day). A request made after 3:00 p.m. on a banking day will be transferred on the second following banking day (in the case of Thai Baht and South Korean Won, the third following banking day), in principle. However, if overseas markets are closed, then the transfer may be made on the following banking day or later in accordance with the Bank's rules.

14.Cancellation of remittance
Modification of remittance details

Customers may not cancel or modify remittances. In principle, remittances will be subject to be returned.
*In the case of return, the funds will be returned in Japanese yen at the exchange rate as of the date of the return. Foreign exchange losses may arise depending on the exchange rate on that date.

15.Days until receipt

You may not specify the date of crediting to the recipient's bank account because of the need for the recipient bank to complete its own procedures.

16.Service suspension, modification, cancellation

In case any of the following circumstances occur with customers using this service, the Group may immediately suspend or terminate this service without prior notification to the contracting party:

  1. (1)The whereabouts of the customer are unknown to the Group for reasons for which the customer is responsible, such as failure to provide notice of change of address.
  2. (2)Inheritance proceedings have commenced.
  3. (3)The service has not been used for one year or longer.
  4. (4)There are grounds for cancellation of the contract by the Group, such as violation by the customer of these provisions.
  5. (5)Mail sent by the Group has been returned as undeliverable.
  6. (6)Information submitted to the Group has been found to have been false.
  7. (7)The customer's ID, password, and other information have been used improperly, or there are grounds for suspicion thereof.
  8. (8)The customer has violated the Group's specified rules.
  9. (9)There are reasonable grounds for suspension of use of the service by the Group.
  10. (10)The Group has determined that the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations, the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, or other laws or regulations have been violated, or that there are grounds for suspicion thereof.


- You cannot specify a relaying bank.

- Fees assessed overseas by the relaying bank and the recipient bank may be deducted from the transfer amount.

- Transfers may not be possible because of such factors as errors in the recipient's account information.

- If the currency of the beneficiary's account differs from that of the fund transfer, the beneficiary's bank may return the funds. Please be especially careful when making yen-denominated transfers.

- If your name or address changes, please complete the transfer procedures after first changing the name and address registered in advance.

- Acceptance of overseas remittance may be suspended if entries of advance registration or request for a transfer are false.

- The availability of this service may be suspended in light of trends in exchange rates or other factors.

- Depending on the content of the transfer, you may be asked to present additional documentation at a Bank branch or elsewhere.

- You may be asked to provide information about the content of a transfer even after completion of the transfer.

- In some cases, a transfer may be refused after acceptance as a result of the Bank's designated procedures.

18.Designated dispute resolution agency

Japanese Bankers Association; Contact: Japanese Bankers Association Helpline, tel. 0570-017109 or 03-5252-3772

As of November 2023